Commercial Roofing Gaithersburg Maryland

Building owners and facility managers call New Paradigm Projects for your commercial roofing needs. We understand the importance of providing the absolute best in industry commercial roofing installations, while ensuring minimal or no impact on your daily operations. New Paradigm Projects is your roofer of choice for commercial roof replacement services.

Repair & Replacement

We specialize in flat roof repair and replacement. Whether you are interested in TPO, Cedar Shake, Asphalt, or Build up roofing, we have skilled installers in place that are ready for your project

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Commercial Shingles

We can improve the condition of your commercial building with commercial shingle replacement. Our shingle solutions are a low-maintenance solution for manufacturing facilities, retail spaces and civic complexes.

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Seamless Gutters

New Paradigm Projects has the knowledge and experience to handle new or renovation commercial projects. With 5"-6"-7" box gutter and 5"-6" K-style, we have the drainage you need on your property. Professional, safe, and insured

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If you need work done on a commercial building with a flat roof, look no further. We are experts in all commercial flat roofs and materials, including TPO, asphalt, built up roofs (BUR), Cedar Shake, as well as roof repair

Commercial Roof Coatings

Fluid applied roofing systems, commonly referred to as roof coatings, offer a proven and effective method of waterproofing your existing roofing system. It is a common misconception that fluid applied roofing systems are only installed on metal roofing, and while it is a regular practice to install a coating system on metal roofing,we have the ability to apply coatings systems on other roof applications such as single ply, built up, and modified roofing systems.