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10 tips to refresh your living space this spring 2019

10 Easy Tips To Refresh Your Space For Spring And Summer 2019

by Cesar Ponce de Leon |March 26, 2019 |0 Comments | Blogs | , ,

It’s that time of the year, friends!

Spring is officially here so we wanted to give you 10 tips you can use right now to refresh your space for the warm months ahead.

Time to paint those bland winter walls!

Neutral tones are just fine, but add in some of the cool blues and greens that are making a statement this Spring. Pastels and Ultra Brights are the spring and summer trend for this year.

Clear the clutter!

Time for spring cleaning.

Get to those scary spots (under the bed, closets, storage) and throw away all that old junk that you don’t need.

A good philosophy to follow is ‘The things you truly need will come to you’.

This will reassure you when you come across that shoebox of old trinkets that you would probably be too embarrassed to put on display anyway.

Splurge on some new artwork

Whether it’s a light-hearted oil painting, a sleek sculpture, or a Monet piece you’ve been eyeing for a year, reinvent your space!

New accessories

Reframe your photos with more interesting casings.

The heavy woods and metals are out for the spring.

Change up that china vase, try blown glass, recycled glass cobalt, or topaz!

There are a variety of colors and shapes to choose from.

Throw pillows can bring any color into your room or out of your artwork.

Change your window treatments

Lighter fabrics such as satin, chiffon, hand painted or dyed silks, are all in this spring.

The colors are zesty and the look is fresh!

New rugs can change the entire look of your space

Move away from the heavy traditional patterns and textures.

Look for stripes, polka dots, and Kandinsky-esque styles.

Love your furniture but looking for a change?

Slipcovers are still the way to go!

Solids are always safe, but if you want to branch out, a lot of the light colored damasks are coming back in.

Again, if you want to be trendy, go with greens and blues–light to bright colors.

If you know your taste, then just be creative with it!

Change out a few of your side tables with lighter colored woods or glass tops.

If you can’t change them out completely, cover up the winter table tops with some light colored scarves or placemats.

Work with what you’ve got, it brings out your most creative self!

Change your dishware for the season

Use fun, bright colors and chic designs on pottery or glass. Tangerines, ocean tones, hot pinks and purples!

If nothing else, open up your space and add a splash of color with fresh flowers

They are at their best now and the colors are the inspiration for modern color trends.

House plants and foliage of any kind (even if it’s faux) are a must in your spring space!

So there you have it!

Spring-summer 2019 is the time for reinventing and refreshing!

Use your invigorated senses to inspire your dwellings.

Happy Spring!