They serve as our view to the outside world and bring the glowing sunlight into our home every day.

What is this mystery product? Windows, of course.

They are so much more than a view

They also shield us from the cold air, rain, and anything else that the hand of mother nature decides to deal.

With all of this responsibility weighing upon them, windows take an absolute beating.

There will inevitably come a time that you will need to consider repairs or completely new window replacements.

Window replacements are available as either wood or vinyl and can usually be matched to the current look of any home.

The time to consider window replacements is when the cosmetics of the current window or the structure is beyond repair.

Many individuals decide to replace their windows for insulation reasons

The majority of window replacements carry a warranty.

They will also last about 20 years when cared for properly.

As for installation, it is often recommended that the homeowner enlist the help of a local home improvement company or licensed contractor.

The window specialist can provide the supplies or the homeowner can purchase them directly from a local home improvement store, which can often result in substantial savings.

By purchasing the products, homeowners will sometimes save on the higher prices that contractors may charge for the convenience of providing the window replacements.

It is advisable to look for small cracks around the window that may lead to higher energy costs


If cool air finds it’s way through the windows, your heating system has to work harder.

This will result in a higher heating cost.

The opposite is true of the warm summer months.

The air conditioning has to work harder to keep the home cool if hot air is coming through the windows.

Window replacements should include caulking and weather stripping to help eliminate this problem.

Everyone of our installations include weather protection as well.

Call or email us to save money on energy costs with our window replacement service.

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